Monday, December 30, 2013

First Blog Post Ever - No Girls Allowed Beta


No Girls Allowed is now out of beta and on the Play Store. Go get it here!

I sure hope I can contain my excitement and not get all willy-nilly with my grammar, but I'm pretty freaking stoked. Not only is this my first blog post ever, but the post also happens to be about the release of my very first video game. I've been working on this thing for too long, and it will feel awesome to finally get it off my plate and onto your eager phones and tablets. So, without further ado, Trick-Bow Productions proudly presents: No Girls Allowed!

I know, right!? Wow! The basic premise is that you control the boys in the war against the evil little girls, and have to take out their base before they destroy yours. You can unlock 9 different boys to aide you on your mission, along with 6 different weapons to throw or shoot. Once you unlock your units and weapons, you'll be able brag about it on Facebook to show your friends how amazing your army is getting. Seriously, who wouldn't want to know that you've been spending your time chucking dirty diapers at little girls?


I'll be releasing this sucker on Android first, and hopefully most other major platforms within a few months. I've tested it on Android, iOS, Windows (desktop), Mac, and BlackBerry so far, and it seems to chug along just fine on all of them. Unity3d made that part of my job incredibly simple, and I'd highly recommend this game engine to anyone who is thinking about getting into a little indie development.

Not-Quite-Done Stuff

Now as awesome as this looks, it's still not quite fully-baked. After all, it is just a beta release. For instance, the game isn't hooked up to the social networks just yet. There will also be in-app purchases for extra game currency and a few special items, but these aren't active yet either. Finally, I haven't implemented a high-score system into it yet. I'm planning on working these out during the beta period (over the next month or so), so be patient with me!

Go Forth and Download!

Like I mentioned earlier - I'm releasing it on Android first, so that's where all the fun testing will take place. To be a part the beta test, you'll first need to join this Google+ Community I set up for testers. Once you've joined, you'll see a link that goes here, which is where you can opt in to become a full-fledged, bonafide beta tester. I'll keep you all informed when I have it ready for the other platforms.
Thanks for taking the time to check out my post - I really hope you enjoy the game! Keep in mind that this is a one man show (seriously - from website development to artwork to composing in-game music, etc.), so be nice, but honest in your feedback. Also, I'm definitely open to ideas and suggestions, so don't hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas with me either in the comments here or in the Play Store. I look forward to hearing from everyone!