Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Kevin vs the Monkeys and Happy Dash

Well guys, life's been a crazy recently. A couple months ago, I decided to put all my other projects on hold and devote all my time to making Kevin vs the Monkeys look presentable. The main reason was that Ouya's Free the Games Fund contest had a hard deadline that I wanted to meet. I knew that Kevin was still in VERY early stages of development and probably wasn't completely ready to show to the public, but I thought I'd try to create a little buzz for it anyway. The contest was basically this: if you create a Kickstarter campaign and it raises a certain amount of money (minimum of 10k), Ouya will double it. Pretty awesome idea for indie devs like myself, if you ask me. So, I went ahead and whipped up my first Kickstarter campaign for Kevin vs the Monkeys.

The State of Kevin vs the Monkeys

Admittedly, the game just wasn't quite ready for the public. It's a good start, but clearly not enough to get backers on my side. This is probably a good thing, because if it was more successful, that would basically mean that I would have to neglect my family until it's ready - which I'm not really interested in doing right now. Here's the little demo video I put out so you guys can at least see the progress. It'll be a fun game, but has a long way to go.

Time for Happy Dash!

As sad as I've been to put Kevin vs the Monkeys on hold, I've still been excited to get to work on my next project, Happy Dash. Happy Dash is a side-scrolling endless runner, in which you control Rudolph's special brother, Happy, in a dash to save Christmas. You need to collect Christmas lights and magic corn while avoiding yetis, snowmen, and evil nutcrackers. The game is designed to look like it's drawn on a white board. The reason? I got the idea from different doodles all over our whiteboards at work. I also have an idea for an awesome whiteboard-based game that I hope I'll be able to work on eventually, but I'd rather not divulge all the secrets to you just yet.
So right now, you'll just have be content playing the crap out of Happy Dash. I just released it on the Google Play Store, so Android fans, have at it! And please let me know if you have any suggestions or issues.


Play Store Link

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