Our Staff

Here is our fearless leader, Drew Nusser. He founded Trick-Bow with the hopes that he'd finally be able to bring to life the games that haven't been able to escape his mind since he was a teenager. Shortly after starting the company, he got a business degree from Weber State, so now he thinks he knows everything about running a company. He aims high and always (okay, just sometimes) perseveres long enough to see his wishes become a reality.

This is Drew, our superstar lead developer. He's been with the team since the beginning, and will seemingly never leave. Other than shying away from the light and responding to management's requests with snide and snarky comments, he likes to brag about the "killer rig" he built with stuff from Newegg. He taught himself coding and has been doing web development for about 4 years, and No Girls Allowed was his first video game project.
This is our creative designer, Drew. Ironic t-shirts and scarves in summertime aren't the only things that set him apart from the rest of the pack - he also has an uncanny knack for turning all of our wildest ideas into actual things. Design is his passion - he eats, drinks, and breathes it. Also, if you send him an email with Comic Sans, he will literally throw up on his desk, so please don't do that. He also keeps our office looking sharp with redesigned classic movie posters.