Privacy Policy


First things first - we don't see any of your personal data. We know how important privacy and security are to our users, and we want you to be confident that you can use our websites and apps safely and securely. That said, Trick-Bow uses 3rd party APIs in our apps and websites that we need to let you know about which may gather anonymous and device-specific information to analyze app usage and improve our products with future releases. Here's a list with links to their privacy policies:

Social Networking

Facebook is the only social network we use. We allow you to login to and encourage you to share posts about the games you're playing. Nothing will be shared without consent - it is only done through obvious direct user interaction. Facebook is also used to power the leaderboards. You can see more about Facebook's privacy policy here If you don't want Facebook or Trick-Bow to collect your data, simply don't login to the app.


We may provide our advertising partners with some information so they can send relevant ads your way. The ad networks we use are Facebook Audience Network and Unity Ads.


We collect anonymous information about our users and device-identifying information through our 3rd party analytics APIs. We do this so we can improve the apps and encourage more use in future updates.


We don't see any of your payment information, and that's on purpose. You can purchase apps and items through the various online app stores, and here are their policies:

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